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A professional chef needs a good pair of clogs to get his or her feet through the day. Professional chef shoes of today are very comfortable, grip the floors well, and keep your feet safe.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about professional chef clogs. There is a lot to keeping feet comfortable on long cooking days. Please email tips and advice to

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Cook Shoes

A cook is the guy by the stove. He or she will often be cooking in grease or various types of oil. The dishes are often washed in a nearby area and water can sometimes get on the floor with a little grease. The result is a slippery floor.

The cook needs to have a shoe that grips the floor better than regular shoes. And, the cook will stand in one spot for a long time. The shoes should stand up to the rigor of standing for so long. The cook will get tired and worn down as their feet start to ache from standing.

The other thing about being the cook is that you might spill some grease on your foot. It happens. If you have a professional clog on, you can whip out your foot quickly and get it in cool water. A shoe tightly laced up would be a nightmare in a hot oil spill. Please be careful, when cooking, that you do not spill any grease on the feet.






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